Trump Makes HUGE THREAT Against The GOP Establishment In JUST ONE TWEET!!


El Trumpo struck back at the immediate Republican denouncement of his demand for a Muslim immigrant ban by issuing a one tweet threat.

And his meaning is very clear:

Pundits and commentators seized on the tweet as proof that Trump is moving more and more towards running as a third party candidate, which would be a huge debacle for the Republican party, and some say would hand the Oval Office to Hillary.

It must be noted that the poll he’s citing has a very small sample size, and some are questioning its accuracy.

Trump has said that his biggest character failing is that once someone betrays him that he cannot forgive him. He constantly notes when people are “disloyal,” and praises those who are loyal.

So is this the final sign that he’s going to thumb his nose at the GOP and run on his own?!

What do you think? Would running as a third party candidate ruin his presidential run, or help it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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H/T Political Insider

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