Buy Bye: THESE Celebrities Are VOWING To Move Out Of The U.S. If Trump Becomes President


A lot of Hollywood celebs are promising to move out of the United States if Donald Trump wins the presidency. We don’t think anyone is really going to miss them.

From Right Wing News:

The idea that celebrities are “threatening” to move out of the Country if Trump is elected President…highlights just how arrogant they really are…and well, pretty short sighted. They are FAMOUS because of Americans, and employed because of America…soooo?

Here’s where some celebrities are planning to move if Donald Trump is elected president…

So, who is moving where?

As IJReview recalls:

Similar threats were made by multiple people – including Alec Baldwin, Cher, Eddie Vedder, and Pierre Salinger (former JFK Press Secretary) – when George W. Bush was elected, though Salinger was the only one who actually made good on his threat.

But it was actress Jennifer Lawrence who offered the grimmest take of them all, saying that if Donald Trump became President of the United States, the world would simply end.

Will anyone miss Rosie or any of these other celebrities? Does anyone really care?

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