Hillary Clinton Blames New Hampshire Loss On Too Many White People

Hillary Clinton

We know that the super-white Democratic Party likes to blame law-abiding productive white people for all of this country’s problems; so it’s no surprise that their super-white spokesmodel Hillary Clinton is scape-goating whitey for her rocky campaign start. After under-performing in the first two early voting states, the Clinton campaign says it’s because there are too many white people in Iowa and New Hampshire.

At one point, Hillary had at least a 40-point lead over Bernie Sanders. She finished in a virtual tie with Sanders in the Iowa caucuses and got curb-stomped by double digits the in New Hampshire primary. Not to worry though, her campaign is dismissing these setbacks as a result of those states being infected with insipid white people.

PBS got a hold of a memo from Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to concerned staffers. In it he basically says forget about Iowa and New Hampshire, and focus on other states that have less white voters:

And whereas the electorates in Iowa and New Hampshire are largely rural/suburban and predominantly white, the March states better reflect the true diversity of the Democratic Party and the nation including large populations of voters who live in big cities and small towns, and voters with a much broader range of races and religions.


Hispanics and African Americans play a critical role in who we are as a party and who we are as a nation. Many of the most delegate-rich states also have some of the largest minority and urban populations — states like Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Illinois and Florida.

So here’s what we can take away from this: Hillary’s campaign doesn’t think that she appeals to white people or that white people are particularly important. In addition, they don’t seem to believe that whites are representative on the United States in any way.

This memo also appears to show a certain hostility towards Christians from Camp Hillary. It looks like the Clinton campaign is hanging all of their hopes on minorities and Muslims. In fact, that’s kind of what they say right here:

It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a Democrat to win the nomination without strong levels of support among African American and Hispanic voters. We believe that’s how it should be. And a democrat who is unable to inspire string levels of support in minority communities will have no credible path to winning the presidency in the general election.

What about a candidate that completely alienates all white people? How well would someone like that do in the general election?

This is actually some pretty horrendous strategy from a campaign that is already fumbling. Whoever the democratic nominee is will automatically get the minority vote in the general election. It’s not the blacks and Latinos who rarely vote who will decide the election; it’s the white people who give a shit about the country who will. And clearly Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about most of the electorate.

As long as we are on this subject, I’d like to point out how truly racist this campaign memo is. Imagine if a Republican candidate put something out blaming losses in Iowa and New Hampshire on the blacks, adding “don’t worry, we’ll pick up the white guys in the next state.” I’m pretty sure that GOP candidate would be done for making such a racist statement.

I’ve said it a million times: it’s pretty cool being a democrat because no matter what you do or say it’s never considered racist or sexist by the liberal media.

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