New Poll: More Voters Trust Donald Trump Than Clinton to Handle Economy and Jobs

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According to a recent national telephone survey from Rasmussen Reports, potential American voters believe Donald Trump is the most qualified to handle job creation, immigration and the economy. Hillary Clinton continues to lead when it comes to social issues, but has gotten more support on environmental issues as well. As for the best candidate to handle national security, Trump and Clinton are virtually tied.

Overall, voters who don’t affiliate with any particular party are more in favor of Trump than Clinton. On the issues of job creation and the economy, 48% of all American voters believe Trump is more trustworthy to handle them than Clinton. Only 39% trust Clinton to handle these issues, while 14% say they are undecided. In September of 2015, Rasmussen Reports asked these same questions. At that time, Trump had 50% of voter support and Clinton had 38%.

On the issue of immigration, Trump has 49% who believe he is the best to handle it and Clinton has 38%. 12% say they are undecided. In the September survey, 52% thought Trump could handle immigration the best and 38% felt Clinton was the best to handle it. That poll also showed 46% thought Trump was trustworthy enough to handle national security, while 42% said that about Clinton. In the newest survey, 44% of voters trust Trump on national security and 43% trust Clinton. 13% say they are not sure who they trust.

This latest Rasmussen Reports survey was conducted with 1,000 potential voters on February 11th and February 14th. There was a +/- 3% point margin of sampling error with a level of confidence of 95%. Pulse Opinion Research LLC performs the field work on all these surveys by Rasmussen Reports.

Clinton beats Trump on social issues, such as gay marriage and abortion. Clinton has 44% of trust from voters on these issues, while Trump has 38%. There are 18% who are undecided. In the September survey, Clinton had 44% and Trump had 40%.

Clinton saw a huge increase in support on environmental issues. 46% of voters believe Clinton can handle environmental issues the best, while 35% think Trump can. There are 19% who are undecided. In the last survey, Clinton had 45% and Trump had 42% on this issue.

The most notable thing is the vast number of undecided voters on issues that Democrats have been historically popular with.

Men think Trump is trustworthy in most areas, except for environmental issues. Trump is almost tied with Clinton on them. With women, they trust Clinton more than Trump on most issues except for immigration. They are tied on this issue with women as well.

Voters under 40 were found to have more trust for Clinton on various issues. However, more than 20% remain undecided on every issue. Older voters over 40 trust Trump more on almost every issue, while less of them are undecided.

At the end of October of 2015, 31% of all American voters said they trusted Clinton and only fewer than 24% said they trusted Trump. Then at the end of December of 2015, a hypothetical general election showed that Trump and Clinton were tied.

With speculation that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will join the presidential race as an independent, it could spell trouble for Clinton’s campaign. But it will be great for Trump’s campaign.

Voters don’t view the Republican Congress or President Obama as valuable assets to the frontrunners of their respective parties.

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