Hillary Squirms When Democrat Confronts her on ‘Skyrocketing Healthcare’…

Hillary Clinton

Shockingly, the last few Democrat forums have seen some tough questions. At last night’s town hall, a woman told Hillary Clinton that her health care costs have skyrocketed under ObamaCare, and asked her what’s going to be done about it.

Hillary’s response is a perfect example of why she has the second highest disapproval rating of any Presidential candidate ever…

“I know Obama told us that we’d be paying a little more. But doubling, over doubling, my health insurance cost has not been ‘a little more.’ It has been difficult to come up with that kind of payment every month. I would like to vote Democratic, but it’s cost me a lot of money, and I’m just wondering if Democrats really realize how difficult it’s been on working-class Americans to finance Obamacare?” O’Donnell asked.

Her response? After going through the usual pro-Obamacare word salad?

“And one thing that I would like you to do, and I’m not saying it’s going to make a difference, but I would like you to just go shopping on that exchange,” Clinton said.

Yes, her answer was to tell the person to “keep shopping.” An answer that would likely kill any Republican Presidential candidate for even thinking about uttering the phrase.

The reality is that the “Affordable Care Act” has turned out to be anything but. Premiums have gone up an average of 49%, and deductibles significantly more than that. Generally, this isn’t upsetting to the Democrats because their voter base consists of people who aren’t paying for it. There’s no data on this yet, but I’d wager than if you polled people who were paying for their own insurance before/after Obamacare was enacted, they probably aren’t happy with it. I’m sure the people who think they’re getting a “free” ride (those who weren’t paying for anything before) think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. These are the people to whom Democrats pander, with their promises of “free crap.” When it comes to paying for it however…

The reality is that Obamacare has not only resulted in increased premiums, deductibles and and a shift in more power to insurance companies, but it’s forced employees to take on fewer full-time workers, more part-timers, and has significantly contributed to the lowest job participation rate in decades. With that in mind, expect Hillary and Bernie to pivot away from tough questions like this, and instead draw your attention to just how the government is going to give you more free stuff.

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