ALERT: Here’s Obama’s TERRIFYING Plan To Stay In The White House For 4 MORE Years


Imagine, if you will, having another four years of Barack Obama in the White House. Terrifying, right? Well, we all know that it’s not legally possible to run for a third term but really, when has legality stopped Obama?

Obama is power hungry and trust me, he does NOT want to leave the White House.

So, how could Obama get a third term?

Martial law.

I know, it sounds far fetched but actually it’s a possibility.

Jamie Dech at Eagle Rising wrote an op-ed about this subject saying, “I believe, depending on republican race results and possible agitation in the aftermath, it’s possible Obama could try for a “third term.”

Dech is referring to the violence and rioting that could very well occur if a republican wins, especially Trump.

“He certainly thinks he could win another election, if given the chance,” Dech says. “He just might have enough of a political and media infrastructure in place to be able to pull it off, at least for a while, provided he can introduce a healthy dose of anarchy in the general populace between now and then.”

“Because martial law is a curious beast. And if there is enough chaos and rioting because of the “wrong guy” winning the republican primary, and then possibly the election, he just might try to put it into effect.”

Seriously, with the increasing rioting and protesting from the Black Lives Matter folks and other liberal Soros backed groups, what’s going to stop Obama from declaring martial law if all hell breaks loose?

Dech asks, “So, if there is massive unrest by groups like “black lives matter” – enough to cause a need for martial law, with National Guard action and all – then, if he declares himself king of the White House, how would he be stopped? The Republicans aren’t going to bust into the oval office with guns blazing; the secret service is there to protect him. Just how would you propose getting him out? The courts take a long time to weigh in on these things, and he’s stacked that somewhat in his favor, too. And if the media rallied support for it before the courts ruled against it…”

This all might sound far fetched but at the same time, I wouldn’t put anything past Obama and his demented liberal worshipers.

God Bless.

H/T Americas Freedom Fighters

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