Obama’s Illegal Immigration Policy Summed Up With One Cartoon


V. Saxena reports that the United States of America ought to be renamed to the United States of Illegal “Americans.”

According to the Associated Press, illegal children who cross into President Barack Obama’s “radically transformed” country are now being placed with illegal families.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Health and Human Services provided data showing that 80 percent of the 71,000 mostly Central American children placed between February 2014 and September 2015 were sent to sponsors who were not here legally.

So only 20 percent of the illegal children who made it into the states were placed with legal families. Does that strike any of you as odd? It should!

Talk about a sick cycle — one that works like this:

  • Obama implements policies like DACA that incentivize illegal immigration.
  • Illegal immigrant children began pouring across the border.
  • Authorities scoop up the kids and house them in posh facilities.
  • Obama’s social justice warriors then pass these kids onto illegal families.

Wonderful …


The $50 Million Luxury Resort for Illegal Aliens You Just Paid for Has Saunas, a Swimming Pool & Gym
6:40 AM – 17 Jul 2014

Republicans rightfully note that “releasing unaccompanied children to sponsors who lack legal papers encourages illegal immigration and reduces the chances the children will show up for deportation hearings in immigration court,” the A.P. added.

Liberals of course counter that these minors should be granted asylum and placed with parents or close relatives regardless of anyone’s status.

“Any effort to deport sponsors might spook them from coming forward and put the children at risk,” the news agency added.

We must now ignore the law, lest these kids get “spooked”?

Look, I feel greatly for these children, but are we now to take care of every suffering child on the globe? If so, these liberals better get ready to open the doors of their own homes, because we will need every iota of space to house the billions of kids in need that live on this planet.

Oh wait, I forgot that liberals are sniveling HYPOCRITES!

H/T The Federalist Papers

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