Make No Mistake, Donald Trump Is At War With The Globalists


With Britain’s stunning anti-globalist vote to leave the European Union as the political backdrop during his visit to the just re-opened and historic Trump Turnberry golf course in Scotland, Donald Trump declared war on the globalists who would see nations disappear in favor of a one-way-for-all styled world government.

Donald Trump isn’t merely attempting to shake up the entrenched powers in the United States.

He’s taking on those same powers who have for so long, nearly co-opted the entirety of the world.

“THEY TOOK THEIR COUNTRY BACK.” -Donald Trump on the Brexit vote.

The Trump campaign has long been noted by critics for lacking a more conventional approach to winning a national election, but what those same critics so often neglect to admit is that in doing so, Donald Trump defeated several other high-profile (and far more conventional) political campaigns on his way to becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

That kind of disparity doesn’t happen without the single most powerful component of any political cycle – THE MESSAGE.

Though not said in practiced political-speak so common to seasoned politicians, Trump’s core message has remained largely consistent since he announced his candidacy: strong borders, solve the illegal immigration crisis, bring jobs back to the United States, save the American Middle Class, make the U.S. military the strongest and most powerful it has ever been, and then use it against such agents for evil as ISIS to its full potential to ensure quick and decisive victory.

It is that message which has resonated with so many voters despite often apocalyptic levels of anti-Trump hysteria from the Mainstream Media, and establishment Democrat and Republican politicians – groups who are themselves propped up by hundreds of millions of dollars in globalist-interest advertising and/or political donations dollars.

Trump has, and continues, to declare war on the globalist largess, and in doing so, has made some very-very powerful enemies who will do what they deem necessary to continue controlling elections both in the United States and elsewhere.

The success of the Trump candidacy, and the recent Brexit vote, have placed the globalist agenda-makers on high alert. Great Britain is now working to hold the line in Europe, and Donald Trump would have America do the same for the rest of the world.

These are exciting times, but dangerous times as well.

For all of us.

H/T DC Wispers

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