Newt Gingrich Tells Obama He’s Disqualified For Criticizing Opposition To ISIS


President Obama is completely lost when it comes to radical Islam.

That’s no secret.

So after the truck attack in Nice that left over 80 people dead and after Obama’s pitiful response, Newt Gingrich spoke out.

He basically said that we should deport people that believe in Sharia law because it is antithetical to our system of governing.

That’s a strong position. But he isn’t that far off base with the premise of his thought.

He’s right about Sharia. The whole deportation thing could get a little tricky.

But whatever, we all know where he is coming from.

President Obama then called him repugnant.

Newt wasn’t having any of that.

Exactly right.

President Obama has absolutely no room to talk about terrorism after the alarming number of terror attacks we have seen on American soil under his watch and his pathetic response to ISIS.

I mean it took this guy three years to even admit ISIS was a problem. Let alone stop them.

ISIS is on the march on President Obama’s watch.

He loses the right to complain about the tone of his political opponents.

Keep it up Newt!

H/T Youngcons

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