Trump Launches New TV Ad Attack Against Hillary


Republican nominee Donald Trump is spending money on his first TV ads in the race leading up to the general election, airing his first ad Friday.

The new ad, as seen below, attacks his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton, on her support of the Syrian refugees flooding into the country, as well as illegal immigration, and promises Trump will secure the border and keep America safe.

The ad describes two Americas… Hillary Clinton’s America, or Donald Trump’s America.

The ad is part of a $4.9 million commercial package, targeting key swing states over the next 10 days, in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Even though the Trump campaign hasn’t been spending much money on ads up to this point, independent groups such as the National Rifle Association and a couple super PACs, “Rebuilding American now PAC” and “Great America PAC” have spent at least $13.5 in advertising for Trump.

Below is the new ad which just came out Friday:

H/T Dennis Michael Lynch

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