Clintons Requested $16 MILLION From Taxpayers, Here’s What YOU Paid For


As the Hillary Clinton camp tells us that she’s all about helping the average American, it’s safe to say they don’t want you to know about the millions of dollars the Clintons requested at the expense of the American taxpayer, helping to pad their pockets as they enjoy life as part of the “top 1%.” Now, their spending is being exposed, and you have a right to know what you paid for.

Although Bill and Hillary are multimillionaires, thanks to book deals, paid speeches, and consultancies following Bill’s time as president, the former president and his corrupt wife had no problem abusing the Former Presidents Act over the last 15 years, at a cost of $16 million to US taxpayers. If that’s not enough to infuriate the American voter, what these funds paid for should.

An investigation carried out by Politico revealed that former President Bill Clinton abused the Act, requesting more than $16 million from it since 2001. That’s more than any other living former president, and it funded everything from the controversial Clinton Foundation to the servers at the center of the Hillary email scandal, but that’s not all.

Although the Act was not intended for such purposes, IT equipment, including servers housed at the Clinton Foundation, were purchased with funds from the Act. The servers purchased by this fund would later be used for a private email account for Hillary Clinton’s use during her time as secretary of state, meaning the private email server at the center of Hillary’s email scandal was also paid for by the American taxpayer as Hillary and Bill abused money set aside as aid for former presidents, RT reports.

The source further relates that the GSA responded to requests from Bill, asking him to clarify if items and money requested were being used for his office or the Clinton Foundation, on several occasions. Politico uncovered that equipment purchased, using funds from the Act, was housed for a period of time at the foundation’s premises, on at least one occasion.

In addition to the Clinton Foundation, Clinton aides also benefited from these taxpayer dollars. Adding their staff to the GSA payroll under the Former Presidents Act allowed the Clintons to avoid paying benefits to their overlapping staff as full federal employee benefits, including health and life insurance along with pensions, were bestowed upon their employees at a cost to you and I, the American taxpayer, rather than falling on the Clintons themselves. In other words, the Clintons used tax dollars to subsidize their foundation and fund their business associates.

The Clinton Foundation’s website adamantly declares that a wall exists between them and the ex-president’s office. “All Foundation employees are paid for work through the Foundation payroll. No Foundation staff are paid for Foundation work with taxpayer dollars,” it reads. However, Politico found that those who had their earnings supplemented by the federal payments received roughly $10,000 a year. RT further details the Clintons questionable actions under the Act:

If that’s not enough to make your blood boil, perhaps the fact that dirty Bill thought we should pay to remedy his bed bug problem will. Information uncovered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request unveiled that the Clintons made a request for a bed bug removal service. Yes, these multimillionaires thought it better to squeeze every cent out of us that they could rather than take care of their own infestation.

Although the activity uncovered isn’t illegal, it is an immoral and unethical abuse of the program, which was passed in 1958 to operating as an assistance fund to former presidents as they transition out of office in order to avoid a repeat of former President Harry Truman’s struggle. The same year the Act was passed, Truman had to sell the family farm to avoid “practically” being on relief. The Act was intended to “maintain the dignity” of former presidents — not allow multimillionaires to leech off of hard-working Americans.

This is just more evidence of how the Clintons blur the lines between their nonprofit foundation, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, and the business dealings of Bill Clinton and the couple’s aides. Worse, it’s evidence of how they will drain America’s resources rather than using their own excess. There’s never enough money or power for the Clintons, and they will bleed America dry, taking all that they can for their own benefit. Make no mistake, Hillary doesn’t want to be our next president to better our country. She wants the position so she can continue her role as our slave master, whipping the American worker into giving her as much as she can get through taxes while promising us some peanuts in return.

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