Mark Levin: Obama Lied About Iranian Nuke Side Deals – ‘Impeachable!’


“We’ve just sold out to them!”

Radio talk show host Mark Levin could barely contain his anger after learning the Obama administration lied to the American public about the existence of secret side deals that materially changed the Iran nuclear deal.

Citing a Reuters story on his program on Thursday, Levin said, “This is the biggest issue of the day, the biggest issue of the month, the biggest issue of the year!”

Yet it is not getting the media attention it warrants, he contended.

The Reuters story is based on a report by the Institute for Science and International Security, which faults the Obama administration for failing to inform Congress and the American people about major waivers granted to the Iran nuclear deal’s terms.

According to the New York Post, “[T]hey were all enacted for one particular reason: Without them, according to [a United Nations weapons inspector’s] report, Tehran couldn’t have met last January’s deadline for compliance with the public requirements of the deal. And that, in turn, would’ve meant Iran couldn’t start getting sanctions relief.”

Levin, who served as an attorney in the Reagan administration, charged, “These are impeachable offenses. For Obama. For Vice President [Joe] Biden. For Secretary of State [John] Kerry. For [National Security Advisor] Susan Rice. For the whole top level of the administration, the president on down.”

The exemptions allow Iran to keep stockpiles of low-enriched uranium as well as heavy water beyond the caps set forth in the plan.

The amount of the low-enriched uranium Iran is being allowed to stockpile beyond the 300 kilograms provided by the agreement is unknown, therefore experts cannot know how much is available to the regime for potential conversion to weapons-grade materials.

Iran was also permitted to maintain control of its heavy water, which is used in the production of nuclear weapons. The agreement provided it could keep only 130 tons in country, but the exemption allows Tehran to store the excess in nearby Oman.

Additionally, Iran was allowed to keep “19 radiation containment chambers larger than the accord set. These so-called ‘hot cells’ are used for handling radioactive material but can be ‘misused for secret, mostly small-scale plutonium separation efforts,’ said the report. Plutonium is another nuclear weapons fuel,” according to Reuters.

After he finished reading key portions of the Reuters story to his listeners, Levin lamented, “We have just armed up the most aggressive, detestable terrorist state on the face of the earth!”

“We’ve just sold out to them! They’re on their way [to] building nuclear weapons!” the commentator pronounced. “This is the fate that Barack Obama has sealed for the American people!”

“They may seek to wash their hands, but their hands are full of uranium! Their hands are full of plutonium!” he said.

Reuters reported that the Obama administration denied it has made any secret deals, but “repeatedly declined to directly address the report’s findings on the exemptions, saying the joint commission’s work is ‘confidential.’”

In August, President Obama was accused of lying to the American people about the link between a $400 million cash payment to Iran and the release of four American hostages.

Further, the president stated the payment had to be in cash because the United States did not have a banking relationship with Iran, but the administration sent an additional $1.3 billion two days after the cash payment, apparently by wire transfer.

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