SHOCK POLL! Women with Families Prefer Trump Over Hillary By A HUGE Margin


A new CNN poll shows that while Hillary Clinton largely has the support of unmarried women, she is highly unfavorable among married women. Though nearly three-quarters of unmarried women — 73 percent — favor Clinton, only 36 percent of married women share that enthusiasm.

The poll may be a reflection of the fact that conservative values are family values, and conservative policy promotes strong families. It may also indicate women with families are more concerned with bread and butter issues that impact their daily lives — like the availability of jobs for their children, the wages they and their spouse receive and the dual threats of crime and terrorism to their family’s safety.

Liberals policies have driven unemployment sky-high among young people, pushed a record number of men out of the workforce, and kept wages stagnant and allowed the threat of terrorism to reach America’s shores.

Liberal values, however, are often explicitly anti-family, and frequently work to undermine strong families.

We all know Hillary’s family is an unmitigated disaster.


Watch Eric and Don Jr. talk about the Trump family and Donald Trump as an individual.

H/T truthfeed

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