Hillary Clinton would love to divert people’s attention away from her families extortion racket known as The Clinton Foundation.


I dare any Liberal to show me something The crooked Clinton Foundation has done that other charities hadn’t done or could do.

The Clinton Foundation is an elaborate money-launder, influence-peddling front for supposed good deeds of the Clintons and their cronies. And their tax documents verify this.

As you can clearly see, The crooked Clinton Foundation brought in $178,000,000. However they only spent $5,100,000 in charitable work.

For The crooked Clinton Foundation to donate $5 million, they need to spend SEVEN TIMES that amount on payroll? So only 5.6 percent of their income actually goes to charity, while 38.1 percent goes to salaries?

And note the $50 MILLION in “other” expenses. I’m guessing “other” was to take care of
•James Comey
•Bimbo explosions
•Bill’s strippers and prostitutes
•Chelsea’s wedding

I’d love to know exactly what “other” is, though I don’t expect the IRS to bother to ask. Nor do I expect the agencies who gave the Clinton’s their Grade A Charity rating to bother about that “rounding error” in their financial report.

More on what “other” might include:
•IRS payoff

H/T theblacksphere

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