BREAKING: Germany Sends Migrants’ Boats Back… Stuns Liberals Around the World


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has one word for refugees, and it isn’t “Wilkommen.”

In a stunning turn of policy, Merkel has called upon the European Union to intercept boats of asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean, according to a story by the U.K. Express.

Bound for the European mainland, many of these refugees end up in Germany, which is bursting at the seams.

Germany has taken in well over a million migrants in the last year, and claims for refugee benefits have more than doubled, according to the Express. The crippling wave of immigration caused by Europe’s liberal open border policies has destroyed the German culture, devastated the economy and sent crime through the roof.

Faced with the unwelcome devastation of their culture, Germans are saying, “Enough is enough”.

Residents in Munich are demanding that a barrier HIGHER than the Berlin Wall be built to protect their neighborhoods from the sea of migrants, many of whom are from Syria and Iraq, according to ReportUK.

Merkel is facing a popularity crisis and huge political pressure over her enormously unpopular open door asylum policy, as both voters and one-time allies have turned on her. Challenged by Germans who want the criminal refugee element out of their country, and beleaguered by liberals who would give away their own country, she has a tough road ahead.

Today Merkel released a statement outlining a hard stance on unfettered migration. She called for refugees to apply in their own countries and be granted asylum according to much stricter rules and quotas.

Liberal opponents were quick to bellow about the “absolute right to asylum, attorneys, resources and counseling” at Germany’s expense, with no respect for German sovereignty.

If Merkel’s plan works, it won’t be without a price for past policies. The EU will likely have to pay billions in aid and financial incentives for African and Middle East countries to take refugees back, similar to a deal they struck with Turkey earlier this year.

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