Photo of White House staff awaiting Trump is just plain stunning…


While President Obama talks a good talk (for a change) about doing everything he can to work with President-Elect Trump to ensure a smooth transition of power, there are still signs of bitterness that peek through the veneer. Such as the fact that the Obamas canceled the traditional First Families photo, intended to feature outgoing First Family Barack and Michelle along with incoming First Family Donald and Melania.

You know what they say about actions speaking louder than words, of course.

And if you had any doubt about the true feelings of those in the Obama camp about the prospect — now a foregone conclusion — of Donald Trump administration succeeding them, here are your pictures worth a couple thousand words.

Here’s the Obama White House staff awaiting the visit of President-Elect Trump today — see Josh Not-So-Earnest looking particularly not-so today:


And yesterday, as they watched Obama deliver his remarks about ensuring a smooth transition of power. (Yep, Valerie ‘Rasputin’ Jarrett doesn’t look too happy, does she?)


H/T Allenb West

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