LOL: Obama Gets Epically Tormented and Trashed After Bragging His Presidency Has Been ‘Scandal Free’


Sorry, Obama. No one is buying your crap anymore. If you honestly believe that your presidency has been completely free from scandals, it’s apparent you never put the crack pipe down from your college days.

If there’s one thing Obama is incredibly talented at, it’s concocting elaborate lies. And with less than 60 days remaining in his term, he shows little signs of changing his lying ways now. But the latest whopper that Obama is peddling is so incredible, that it didn’t even take a full 24 hours for people to call out the liar-in-chief for his antics, where they savagely began to trash Obama and call him out online.

Last year, Obama was busted in a startling 1,063 scandals since he’s been in office, consisting of things ranging from his blatant lies to the American people, to his government cronyism, to outright lawbreaking. Most people even halfway paying attention could easily rattle off a couple of dozen scandals that this president has been involved in during his presidency, as his blatant disregard for our laws and our Constitution has continuously been on display for the past 8 years.

While whining about Hillary’s loss to an audience in Peru and blabbering on about conservatives and their “fake news,” Obama also took a few minutes to brag about himself by hilariously proclaiming that it has been “scandal free” for his entire presidency.

Apparently choosing to forget about the VA scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Exchanging 5 Gitmo terrorists for an Army deserter, his Iranian nuke deal, his NSA spying on us, his Secret Service hiring prostitutes , and his IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, just to name a few, many were immediately floored by Obama’s brazen proclamation, and wasted no time taking to social media to call the liar-in-chief out for his asinine claims.

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